Software Development

Software Development

Our focus is always on client needs. We understand the client processes and advise them about the Best Practices and improvements. Our software development is involved between the conception of desired application through the demonstration of software in a planned and structured process. It includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, re-engineering, maintenance or other activities.


Analysis of Client

Devising a design for
the software based solution

Implementation or coding

Testing the software



These stages may be carried out in turn or may be repeated over iterations. Detail documentation is produced at each stage. We carefully examine quality of work carried out during each stage. After successful implementation of the software, we provide training to customer. After Go-Live, we provide all the techno functional support to our clients whenever required.

About Us

Edel-Tech delivers knowledge, experience and expertise through their highly dedicated team for the realization of these promises.
The company’s main objective is to supply the needed business ERP, products, process, technology solutions and seamless service support in order to support its clients in running their day to day operations/ systems with maximum efficiency and reaping rapid return on investment (ROI).

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