SAP Business One ERP Implementation

Precise and Affordable SAP Business One ERP Implementation

Key to successful implementation is to work in partnership with the customer. At Edel Tech, we deliver the best services, and have years of experience in the completion of multiple SAP implementation projects successfully. Our unique methodology has helped us to come out with best practices and deliver successful SAP implementation projects.

SAP Business One ERP Implementation

50+ Successful Implementations

Edel Tech works on customised model of implementation. With a team of more than 10 certified SAP consultants, we have undertaken ERP implementations across Pune, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Middle East. We are one of the most accomplished business partners in advisory as well as SAP implementation and support services. This has been possible because of our longstanding experience with SAP Business One Implementation.

How we do it?

  1. Project Preparation
  2. Business Blueprint
  3. Project Realisation
  4. Final Preparation
  5. Going Live & Support
SAP Business One ERP Implementation

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Industry Solutions We Offer

trusted by 50+ Customers across 10+ industries around the globe

Chemical Industry

Control Panel Builders

Corrugated Boxes Manufacturers

Project Management Companies

Fertilizer Manufacturers

Manufacturing Industry

Food and Beverages

Hi-Tech Engineering


Rubber Processing

Textile Industry

Automative Industry

Why Choose Us?

Industry Expertise
We understand your industry well enough to help you achieve

Solution Expertise
We provide the latest, secure and robust technology solution

Assessment and Migration Toolset
We ensure a seamless and hitch free migration to the SAP Business one platform
Proprietary Implementation Methodologies
We tweak and customize Implementation methodologies to suit your business
Breadth of global experience, presence and resources
We help your business succeed across different geographical locations
Trusted by 50+ Customers Across 10+ Industries
Successful Track Record of Implementing Automation Solution for various industries

AP Business One ERP Implementation Case Studies

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Client Testimonials

Success stories that demonstrate real-time benefits of working with us

Vidyut Controls and Automations Pvt. Ltd., Pune
“Since SAP Business One is tightly integrated, you can get all information at any given point of time in operations. It helped us in accurate reporting of inventory at any stage and thus improved the bottom line for us”
Octagon Precision (Pune) Pvt. Ltd.
“With implementation of SAP Business One, Opportunity Management and Reporting issues were cleared. Being a tightly integrated system, Opportunities and other reports were made available at the click of a button. It saved us a lot of time which were able to utilize in improving our efficiency”

SAP B1 Implementation FAQ

The Edel Tech works closely with clients in the pre-implementation phase to fully understand their business operations. we take care of all the aspects of a business function and keep a regular touch with the significant contacts to plan and prepare for the latest system. To minimise the disruption, the implementation has been planned in the such a way that maximum utilisation of resources during off-peak operational times to minimise the disruption – if required, this can be overnight, during weekends or public holidays. Post implementation support will be there for as long as needed until the client and the employees are working on the new system to its full capacity.

Because the set-up is new and different, initially, there will be some resistance. Employees might feel uncertain of their role, especially long-standing staff members who might have been with the company from initial phase of the company. All the new technology, systems and procedures can be unsettling so it is important to prepare the team for the changes and include them as much as possible in the planning. The front-line operations and warehouse team can often provide the most valuable information in an SAP implementation; after all, they are the ones who are facing daily challenges in their roles. Communication is key to the success of implementing SAP.

There are several factors that determine how quickly SAP Business One can be implemented and customized to customer’s requirement. The factors includes - size of customer’s business, complexity of your business structure, type of ERP deployment, processes needs to be included, number of locations etc.

The SAP Business One implementation process includes a project planning phase, kick off meeting with all the stake holders, requirement gathering, business blueprint, project realization, UAT & training, cutover and Go Live.

Absolutely yes! It is possible to transfer data migration from any old system to an SAP Business One, either manually or from an Excel spreadsheet. In order to make the process more efficient, SAP Business One uses the Data Transfer Workbench add-on.

When a customer requests a quote, you will receive the standard cost for the SAP Business One application based on customer’s requirements for number of licenses, professional or limited, database type HANA or SQL, processes to be implemented, number of locations to be covered etc.